Best Side Dishes For Steak: Things that Serve Well with Steak

There are dozens of good recipes for cooking steak, but what are good side dishes to serve with steak? There are many tasty, easy steak dinner accompaniments that will answer that question and if you’re looking for a way to cook the perfect steak, it was already covered by RACQ Living
The number one accompaniment for steak dishes is a potato of some form. There are some classic potato side dishes for steak and some not so classic dishes that will be popular with everyone.

#1- The classic baked potato- The most popular answer to what to have with steak is the classic baked potato. Making baked potatoes at home is really easy. Take a large potato, poke a few holes with a fork, and microwave for 6-8 minutes depending on the size of the potato. When it’s soft and baked through, cut it open and fill in with the toppings.


#2- Garlic or Cheddar Mashed Potatoes- Another simple classic, start by peeling and cutting large potatoes. Boil until tender, mash, and stir in butter and a touch of milk. Mix in garlic powder for garlic potatoes or shredded cheddar cheese for cheesy potato deliciousness.


#3- Now, if you’d like something a little more complicated, you can try scalloped potatoes. Scalloped potatoes are a baked potato dish that has thinly sliced potatoes covered in a cheesy sauce. It’s difficult to make this dish because of the sauce. Make sure you have all the ingredients ready and measured before starting. Here is a nice little recipe for scalloped potatoes that is lighter on the cream and butter than other:


#4- Want something cooler for a hot day? What goes well with steak is a great potato salad. There are dozens of different recipes for a potato salad, but most of them are going to involve mixing cooked potato chunks with a mayonnaise based sauce. Eggs are also usually included in these recipes as well. Some baked potato salads have sour cream as the base instead. Here’s a very traditional potato salad recipe:


#5- One last potato dish? How about a finger food potato dish? Baked garlic parmesan potato wedges are like french fries, but so much more. They are crispy, full of flavor, and a bit healthier than their fried cousins. The recipe for these beauties is available here:

If you want to avoid potatoes for what to have on the side when you eat steak, certain pasta dishes are very good.


#6- Want a classic dish that anyone can make and that everyone loves? Of course you do! Macaroni and cheese is the perfect dish. There’s a reason why every steakhouse restaurant has a house macaroni and cheese recipe. There are dozens of recipes for macaroni and cheese, but here is a macaroni and cheese recipe inspired by Longhorn Steakhouse’s cheesy dish:


#7- Macaroni salad is a very popular cookout dish, and it works well with a steak dinner when you want something cool. Macaroni salads usually have mayonnaise and mustard as the creamy base, but there are other variations out there. Here is a very traditional macaroni salad recipe:

So far, the side dishes that have been presented have been starchy dishes that compliment meaty main dishes like steak very well. There are other options for sides out there though. If you want some healthy vegetable side dishes for steak, then these last dishes are for you.


#8- Caesar Salads can be healthy as long as you go easy on the dressing and cheese. This classic salad is very easy to make. The bulk of the salad is made from Romaine lettuce, which is a crunchy lettuce that has more nutritional value than other lettuces. It’s also possible to make it with kale, but kale lettuce does have more of a bitter taste than romaine. Toss the lettuce in lite Caesar dressing, add a sprinkling of parmesan cheese, and a few croutons. Want to make your dressing from scratch? Here’s the recipe:


#9- If you want something even healthier then you can try a green beans dish. Green beans are very easy to cook because they are hard to overcook. Here’s a green bean and shallots dish that’s perfect to have with steak:


#10- Another easy vegetable dish to cook is a carrots dish. Carrots can be boiled, steamed, or sauteed and they are understated enough that they can take on many different flavors. Glazed carrots are healthy, light, and easy to cook for any level cook and they pair deliciously with steak. The recipe for glazed carrots is available here:

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