Coffee Roasting Guide: How To Roast Coffee Beans At Home

For coffee lovers, the best way to derive maximum utility from coffee is roasting it how to roast coffee beans at home. Preparing coffee at home assures the consumer that the quality of the coffee will be high. With continuous practice, quality improves. However, to prepare coffee at home, there are necessary requirements.


Supplies Needed
To efficiently roast coffee beans, certain supplies are required. They include;
Green coffee berries (e.g european coffee) – Depending on where you live, there may be different possible sources of coffee beans. If the coffee beans are rare, you may consider buy coffee beans online.
Roaster – there are many types of coffee roasters available in the market. Many factors will come to play in making a choice on the kind roaster to use. It is advisable that you chose once that is cost efficient and if possible borrow one.
Storage – after the roasting process is concluded, there will be a need for storage of the coffee awaiting consumption. It is important to note that coffee loses its flavor if not used after some time, therefore, should be stored well.


Coffee Roasting Process
With the supplies ready, it is now time to start the roasting process. For a successful process, the coffee beans have to be heated at between 370 and 540 degrees F. Ensure the roasting area is well ventilated because the roasting beans produce smoke. Below, we look at two coffee roasting methods.


Coffee Roasting Machine
The coffee roasting machine is one of the easiest methods of coffee roasting. The process is as shown below;

  1. Ensure you put correct amount of coffee into the machine
  2. Turn the roaster on after closing its lid tightly
  3. Let the coffee roast until the desired color is achieved and switch off the machine
  4. Pour the coffee on an open surface and let it cool off
  5. Finally, store the coffee in room temperature and afar way from direct sunlight.


Stove Top Roaster
Before the rapid evolution of coffee technology, stoves were used to roast coffee. To use this method, you will need stove top roaster. The procedure involved is;

  1. Ensure the stove burner is set on medium heat
  2. Place the roaster on the stove and wait for it to heat up to 450 F
  3. Pour the coffee into the roaster and stir continuously
  4. Let the coffee berries roast until you get a “cracking” sound
  5. After the desired color has been achieved remove the roaster and toss it to remove chaff
  6. After the coffee has cooled down, store in a safe play


Coffee berry color
When roasting the coffee beans, do it to an extent that you will get the desired color. The darker the coffee berry, the stronger the coffee produced. Some typical coffee bean color is medium light brown, dark brown among other colors. The color of choice is dictated by individual preference.

Roasting coffee at home is a relatively easy process that affords you the opportunity to make coffee that suits your desires. Feel free to try out any method in your quest make your coffee at home. You should keep adjusting your preferences until you get to the optimal level. This article looked at why roast your own coffee is a better option.

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